Dr. Carlos Javier Fernández Cobo holds a Ph.D. in Music at 'Universidad Autónoma de Madrid'. His Thesis work was awarded with the European mention at 'Tor Vergata´s University' of Rome. He completed his Clarinet high studies at Madrid Royal Conservatory under the supervision of Prof. Justo Sanz and continued his Postgraduate studies at Salamanca High Conservatory with Prof. Javier Balaguer, Spanish National Orchestra Clarinet soloist.

During his career, he has held positions as Honorific Associate Prof. at 'Universidad de Alcalá de Henares' and as Prof. in the High and Professional Music Conservatories in Córdoba (Spain). He has performed and collaborated with the orchestra of Córdoba, Ciudad de Madrid Orchestra, Chamartín Symphonic Orchestra, Pro- United Nations Orchestra, and Orquesta del Infantado, among others.

He advanced his Clarinet studies with awarded players such as Sylvie Hue, Jean Louis Sajot, Walter Boeykens, Carles Riera y Hedwig Swimberge.

As Clarinet soloist he has played C.M. von Weber´s 'Concert nº1 for Clarinet and Orchestra op. 73', F. Mendelssohn´s 'Konzertstücke nº 2' and first orchestal premieres from Antonio Romero´s 'Primer solo original para clarinete' and Paquito D´Rivera´s 'Danzón' with Madrid City Orchestra, UCM Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Musicalis and OSUAM.

He has written several articles and books about Clarinet Pedagogy and History. He has been invited to courses and conferences such as the University of Guanajuato in Mexico, Dao International Course in Portugal and 'Martín Códax' International Music Course. He is collaborating with national and international journals related to pedagogy and Clarinet teaching.

He is currently teacher in Music Conservatory 'Victoria de los Angeles' in Madrid and associate professor in 'Universidad Autónoma de Madrid'

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Primer solo original para clarinete

Antonio Romero. For soloist and string orchestra.

Antonio Romero is one of the greatest talents of the Spanish Clarinet History highlighting facets of performer, teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Declamation of Madrid, editor and constructor of musical instruments. The latter aspect earned him the silver medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1867, with a new Clarinet model trying to overcome Boehm model.

The original title is 'Primer solo original para clarinete o para oboé con acompañamiento de piano' [First original solo clarinet or oboe with piano accompaniment]. The author specified that "when playing the oboe the piano part will be transposed one tone higher." The piece follows the general aesthetics of the XIX Century compositions for this instrument, enhancing its expressive qualities, sound and technical abilities.

This version is the orchestration from the piano score dating from 1856. It is preserved in the Spanish National Library with the registration document Mp 17-1402, which has the piano and oboe parts. The piano one contained the Clarinet voice. Having two versions for both instruments, several notes are different, mainly conditioned by their registers. A page with the oboe parts changes are included. This work aims to provide an instrumentation for solo Clarinet and string orchestra like other composition wrote in the rest of Europe at this period.

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Clarinet teaching technique and development in Antonio Romero's contemporary Europe

Antonio Romero.

Antonio Romero was one of the great musicians and clarinet players in Spain. Ahead of his time, contemporary figures like Klosé, Baermann or Buffet, emphasized in his facet of interpreter, teacher, designer of a keys system applied to the instrument, and editor.

This book focuses on the study of teaching the clarinet at this time, based on the translation and comparative analysis of the methods and most representative authors in Europe at the beginning of XIX Century, where the instrument experienced its greatest development and expansion.

Aimed at students, professionals, researchers and curious, it is fundamental to understanding the history and the Clarinet teaching. The reader will learn about the different methods, depending on the country studied, giving a full view of the constructive evolution and technique that gave rise to the different European Clarinet schools, which determined how to play, the sound and the technique.

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